Today is 2024/05/15

Library Rules

1. Library books are issued for one week, and the student can have the book reissued once i.e. for another seven days.
2. Books must be kept with care. There should be no writing or damage to the pages or the cover. Students will be penalized if the books are mutilated in any way.
3. If a student remains absent on the day of the Library Class, he/she will have to return the book on the first day that he/she attends school.
4. A library fine of Re. 2/- will be charged for each day of late return.
5. If a student loses the library book he/she will have to pay the price of the lost book.
6. If a student remains absent for more than 15 days, he/she must submit a letter from their guardian to the librarian stating the cause thereof.